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My name is Tomi Kiss
I’m a tattoo artist and the owner and founder of Inked Soul Tattoo. I've been interested in the mechanics of tattoo machines ever since I've started tattooing in 2006. It was in that same year I've assembled my first handmade coil tattoo machine, which, as you can imagine, needed to be tweaked, so I've kept reassembling and upgrading it as I've gained more experience and learned more about the craft. During these past years I've spent in the profession, I've worked with several different machines - from coil to rotary - made by various manufacturers. I've always enjoyed experimenting with tattoo machines, but my long time goal has always been to make my own brand and develop the coil tattoo machine of my dreams with reliable parts, useful features and a unique design. When my friend Michel Alliance heard that I want to build tattoo machines, he said 'let’s do it together'. Therefore we've decided to take up on that project and started our IS Tattoo Machines brand in a more professional setting in hopes we can contribute to keeping the legacy of coil tattoo machines alive; for just like any profession, tattooing has it's own tradition, history and tools as well and it's hard to imagine a future without the sound of coil machines. All of our premium quality machines are handmade with great attention to every detail as it’s very important to us that they satisfy all artistic needs. All machine parts are designed, crafted and assembled in our shop, which guarantees high quality and longevity. Each process is done with soul. The IS Tattoo machines are constantly being tested by tattoo artists, whose feedback is used during the development process.